Garden stone, Plant stone

1. What is the strength of the stone.

Our gardening services include free disposal of 180 litres of green waste. In case the waste is more, the technicians will remove it for an additional fee.

2. What is weather resistance of your stones? Does rain, snow, straight sun can distrupt surface of the stone?

Our decorative artificial stones are resistant to the weather conditions – does not fade in the sun and not crack in rain or cold weather, wind resistant!

3. Can I put my stone into the water/pound/aquarium?

Yes, thanks to the balanced weight and the hollowness of the stone, you can put it into the water/pound/aquarium, thereby hiding undesirable elements or improving the landscape design of your garden!

4. Is that possible to equip a stone with an anti-vandal device?

We charge 3 GBP per 90l bag of waste and a total of 45 GBP for disposing of a ton of green waste. This is recommended for extra-large gardens only and will save you a lot on waste disposal.

5. Will the stone surface change color over time?

No, the composition of raw materials in the production of stones is designed in such a way that the color of the stone will remain unchanged for many decades!

6. Do your stones cause undesirable effects or pollution to the nature?

No, our stones are completely environmentally friendly and do not cause any damage to the nature! We care about the environment and produce our stones from recycble, enviromental friendly materials! 

Garden bed

1. How easy to set up hochbeet?

The special construction can be easy and fast install without using of any special tools. You can assemble and set up your garden bed in 10-15 minutes. The connections of the raised planter elements make it very robust and sustainable!

2. Why the price is so high?

Gartendek’s garden beds are made of the premium quality galvanized metal which improves the strength and durability of the bed and it allows you not to worry about anything, so, the price is justified. 

3. Do you provide guarantee?

Sure, we provide 5-year guarantee. The service life of our garden beds without damage can be several decades if properly cared.

Price Related Questions

1. What are your payment options?

We accept credit, debit cards.

2. What if I will get dammaged product?

We provide gaurantee for our each product. so you will be able to exchange and / or return the product without any problems.


Delivery questions

1. What countries possible for shipping?

Delivery is carried out to all European Union countries!
If you can not find your country during purchase process – please, feel free to drop us a letter and we will help you with shipping to your destination

2. Do you provide tracking N for my order?

Yes, we attach tracking N to each our product, so, you can easily monitor your delivery!

Ask Questions With Us

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